Misses… don’t let the beautiful weither surprises you. Every year i get caught with the same misorganisation fashion closet. Anyway. Here are 4 reasons why those african fashion bags should be out in few weeks.
So, you can start shopping to get them right on time.

4. Break the rules

Let’s be honest, when you have a special accessory, you want to wear it in a special outfit. That will challenge your creativity am telling you. As these bags are outstanding, they are noticed every time you wear them. So how will you manage it. Break the rule! Don’t be afraid to try different coulours, different patterns, look for lookbooks. So every time you will handle it… it will like the first time. And we all know how first time might be special :).

3. be faboulous

You going at your office with this bag? You know you’ll get attention. People will be asking questions, because thy’re curious (or jealous hahaha). Take this opportunity to talk with that annoying girl that says hello only when she needs you, and didnt even know your name. Take this moment to be kind and have a happy girly coffee tchat.

2. wear quality and uniqueness

Most of those kind of bags are hand made, and maybe made in Africa. Look for those with a hight quality if this is what you looking for, there are plenty of them.

You might won’t find them in the shop at the corner of the street so look for solid and unique brand that really want to make a difference. In insist on that point because there are a lot of copies and we want to support real afro brand with hight standards isnt it.


1. support black own business

This reason is the most important one. We should not discuss why we should support each other businesses right? Right?

According studies, african american bying power is growing up more than the other groups. Where is going all that money? Time to invest in the community so one or more of black entrepreneurs will be the next big brand on the 5th avenue. All this starts with a simple gester : put your 200 $ in wonderful and quality products that are made or distribute by an black, plus, women in business instead of somewhere else.

Sokhna Si _ African print handbag

Miss Kabi


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