Miss Kabi represents the strong and inspiring women that we are. The one who loves and expresses herself, cares, gives, makes things moves, the one who dares… colors.

Our history, mission and values

I’ve never imagined that one day loincloth and other accessories and clothes from African origins had been occupying the place they have today in my wardrobe. We must believe that more we are away from home, more we search this rope to hold on to. When I left Senegal, my homeland, to move in Montreal, these original jewelleries and clothes so radiant reminded me my mother, my origins and distinguished me in my western style so well mixted.

All started from a need to fill. So I created a space when we can meet fashion designers from all ethnicities that incorporate in their creations features related to African inspirations.

Today, pretty much a rope, this is code that you and I share every time our colors cross in the street. We will be different, we will be fabulous, will be Miss Kabi.

Our mission is to distribute, promote and enhance to afro trends fashion trough a dynamic full of colors online store. You will find in each of many fashion designers their history, their specialty and their originality. Much more than a leader on online sales of fashion afros trends products, Miss Kabi aims to be recognized as a space where women do more than dress in a unique way, they transform themselves.

Creativity, quality and social involvement in female entrepreneurship and the children’s education, are the bases of Miss Kabi values.