Miss Kabi is a story of extraordinary encounters, a human story that became a wonderful fashion story. From Dakar to Montreal via Paris, New York, Toronto, to dock in the center of your screen.

Kabi means the “doe” in Kikongo language. The doe, synonymous with grace, beauty, femininity and especially freedom. The freedom to go beyond physical and imaginary boundaries. The freedom to embrace the world as it is, colorful, multicultural.

Do not look at what makes us different but what brings us together, keep only the best of all the diversity around us.  MissKabi.com is a meeting place, we first come to discover the universe of exceptional brands, we come to dream, embark on a world tour chic, offbeat, colorful.  So, do not talk about misskabi.com as a maketplace of the latest Afro fashion trends, but as a journey that starts with a click.

We have great hopes that we will send you further and further and that we will open many new fashion destinations.