By Charlotte Violeta

Miss Kabi has the pleasure to receive Reuben Reuel for the first time in Montreal. Meet him at the Pop up Beauty on august 12th.
Waiting for that exciting event to come, here are few things you should know about the brand!


Reuben Reuel got started in the fashion industry at a young age. He attended vocational school in his junior and senior years of high school studying fashion design. He then continued to college to further his pursuit of fashion. In 2007 he moved to New York City to live and to work in the industry. Reuben’s favorite part of the designing process is finding fabric. He loves the hunt and discovering new fabrics. The inspiration surrounding the name of Reuben’s brand “ Demestik” comes from the phonetical spelling of “ domestic”.“Demestik” means home, where Reuben is from, and also where he produces his designs (in the United States) , as well as his culture and connections.

Beyonce as a client

One of his clients who is well known to most people who are familiar with Pop culture is Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. He gained her as a client in 2013 and since then things have taken off for him. He surely has made a name for himself.A friend of Reuben’s is one of Beyoncé’s stylists. She is the one who requested items for Beyoncé. Despite his success, Reuben still remains very humble and down to earth.He says the feedback of seeing Beyoncé wearing his clothing is all the feedback he needs. This year is Reuben’s fifth anniversary as an established designer. Five years ago, he would have never imagined he would be where he is now.

Looking ahead

Reuben’s advice to people starting out in the industry would be to “ never give up and remain humble”. The projects that we can look out for are his Fall 2017 collection coming out in October. He is looking to getting into menswear and home decor in the near future. But, for the time being he is putting all his energy into his women’s line. In the next five years Rueben’s goals are to continue to be happy, successful , to give back more and to continue making people happy through his clothing.

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