By Charlotte Violeta

Miss Kabi has the pleasure to receive ZAAN at the Pop up Beauty on august 12th.
Waiting for that exciting event to come, here are few things you should know about the brand!


Sophie Paquette, a local designer from Quebec, is the designer behind the brand ZAAN. Sophie graduated in fashion design in 1997 and then worked for different companies. Initially she worked in a lingerie company where the production process was done internally rather than being shipped out. From that she gained a lot of knowledge related to working methods, stages of design and specialized machinery. She covered everything in design through merchandising from A-Z. She has traveled extensively to find inspiration and learn new trends including conducting research on new materials and accessories. Her experience has evolved from lingerie to swimsuits, dresses and kids clothing. “ The field has changed a lot since I began and is constantly evolving. My challenge is to continue to adapt to it.”

Influence and Inspiration

Sophie now has twenty years of experience behind her in the fashion industry. ZAAN itself was created in 2012. All of its pieces are made in Quebec. The name ZAAN was an inspiration that came from those of her two daughters, Zara and Megane. It is from their two names combined that we get ZAAN. They also inspire the creations themselves. She says that often her daughters amuse themselves with a mannequin and pieces of fabric and the results can be amazing! Talent surely runs in the family. Despite her daughters being her main inspiration, other things that Sophie also draws inspiration from are her everyday life whether it be at work, leisure or on vacation in the sun, as well as feedback from her clients. The colleagues who are involved in the process with her cover three generations and are able to target various age groups.

Beauty in every size

Sophie’s favorite kind of clothing to create are dresses.
We could have guessed that by the numerous designs on her website. All dresses have to fit the client’s silhouette. Sophie gets enormous satisfaction when she succeeds in dressing a woman who finds it difficult to find clothing. It is a well thought out process from the cut, to the fabric. It is important that clients feel beautiful no matter what size they are.

Where to find ZAAN

You can find all of ZAAN clothing not just online but, also in stores. Her clothing can be found throughout select stores in Quebec, Ontario, the United States and even as far away as the Netherlands. The exact locations are listed on her website under “shop”.
Sophie Paquette does it all. You will feel like the complete Goddess you are in her clothing.

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